Areas of Interest

- Polyamory

- Open Relationships
- Bisexuality
- Kink/BDSM
- Sex-positive
- Depression
- Anxiety
- Grief and Loss
- Anger
- Couples Therapy
- Relationship Therapy
Crista Underwood, LCSW  425 Gough St., San Francisco, CA 94102 415-971-0654
Crista Underwood, LCSW

We all face times in our life when we need someone to walk beside us, help us think through a problem, or face a challenge with us. These can be times when we feel overwhelmed, sad, worried, tired, afraid or lonely. We may be having a problem at work, in a relationship with a loved one, partner or spouse, or with changes in our lives. If you are dealing with depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, loss or grief, I can work with you to discover new ways of thinking and acting that bring first relief, and then growth, change and balance to your life. If you are facing hostility from family and friends or confusion about your own feelings, psychotherapy can help you find your inner strength and increase your ability to deal with stress.

My approach is warm, nonjudgmental, collaborative and active, and I really enjoy getting to know my clients and working with you to create positive changes and move away from despair, depression and anxiety toward a life of authenticity and joy. I am compassionate in my work, and I believe that we are all sacred, vulnerable, strong beings worthy of our own best efforts.

If we are also members of Queer or alternative communities, these difficulties can become even more complicated and overwhelming. Family and friends may judge us or blame us, and we may have taken these negative beliefs to heart. Sometimes we just want to talk to someone who will accept us as we are and won’t judge us, who will look on us with compassion, and who will help us find a new balance. 

I specialize in providing individual therapy and couples therapy/relationship therapy to members of Bisexual, Transgender, Lesbian, Gay, Queer (LGBTQ) and Polyamory, Kink and Sex-positive communities to help them overcome internal and external barriers, know themselves, and live life to the fullest. I especially enjoy collaborating with people in alternative relationship structures to help them build strong, lasting connections with their partners while maintaining their individuality.

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